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~ TOTALLY HIS Could Be Totally Yours, Today! ~


Actress Sophie Birch is used to having to look out for herself. So, when her theater catches fire and a big guy scoops her up into his arms to save her, she's going to fight every step of the way. Even if he's a cop. And really sexy. And his arms feel oh-so-good. Finn Kelly can't help but appreciate how good the woman in his arms looks in her sexy pink lingerie. Even if she's currently resisting arrest. But as the two get to know each other, they're both surprised by the things Finn is willing to do to get closer to her. And when Sophie's estranged father arrives in town and starts causing trouble, the stage is set for disaster...unless Finn can convince her that, for once in her life, she has someone to lean on.

About the Author:

Erin Nicholas

I've been reading romance since my mom first let me into her book cupboard when I was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took my 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world. I've been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with my head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. I'll confess that my very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by my father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, I'm sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well. But it wasn't long until I started writing about true love and that's where I've been ever since. I'm so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you! I hope that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, I hope that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.


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~ One Thing's For Sure, You'll Have Trouble FORGETTING JACK COOPER After This Read! ~

Blurb ~

If there’s one thing Toni Salvatore knows how to do, it’s make people laugh. Having embarked on a life of comedy back in college playing pranks with current Hollywood star Jack Cooper, she’s now a YouTuber with her own passionate following. Too bad her newest joke—a fake on-set kiss with Jack—results in an epic case of mistaken identity…and with Toni getting flattened by Jack’s stunt man and body double. What’s a girl to do but make the best of a bad situation?

Chance Ashton takes everything seriously—he’s had to, because of his past. Then he mistakenly drops the hilarious and hot Toni to the ground in what he thought was an action scene, and he’s so flustered he lets her kiss him after all. The results? More explosive than anything he’s experienced filming movies. When Toni seems to be interested in more than a fast laugh, he knows better than to believe her…and yet…

For the first time in her life, Toni’s pratfalled herself into what could just be a real romance. But can she convince the sexy stunt man she’s capable of more than just a joke?

Author Bio ~

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy first published in 2002 and has since written over seventy novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult romance, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Erin is a RITA finalist and an ALA Reluctant Young Reader award recipient, and is both traditionally and indie published.

Long Buy Link:

Amazon: https://goo.gl/LdSGjN

B&N: https://goo.gl/oMFfXp

Kobo: https://goo.gl/GF599v

iBooks: https://goo.gl/L8J11u

Author Long Links:

Website: http://www.erinmccarthy.net/

Mailing List: http://www.erinmccarthy.net/newsletter-2/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7941.Erin_McCarthy

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Erin-McCarthy/e/B001ILHF5I/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErinMcCarthyBooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorerin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorerinmccarthy/

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Blurb ~

Kaylee Thomas escaped from Madrid, taking secrets with her that could get her killed. As an cyber operative for Grimaldi Global, Kaylee's single-minded focus is on tracking down criminals who use the internet to hide their identity. A survivor of cyber bullying, she uses her skills to ensure that no one can hide on the internet.

Mick O'Halloran is a covert ops agent for Grimaldi Global and leader of the Ares team. Saving lives and protecting others is a way of life for him. But babysitting a computer geek sounds like a job better left for the boys back in the office until he meets Kaylee. Sparks fly between them as he takes her into protective custody until the facts she's uncovered can be verified.

But some secrets can't stay hidden and when an assassin comes calling Mick and Kaylee go on the hunt for the mole inside their group. It'll take every bit of her computer savvy and his lethal skills to keep them alive. Releasing the information that Kaylee has uncovered threatens to burn the world down around them.

Book Links ~ 

Amazon Kindle B&N Nook Kobo iBooks

Author Bio ~  

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera is a two-time Maggie winner who has written more than 90 books since making her first sale to Harlequin (Silhouette) Desire. Katherine is known for her sexy heroes, feisty heroines and sensual stories. A Florida native who grew up to travel the globe, Katherine now makes her home in the Midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and a very spoiled miniature dachshund.

Fast Facts:

Over 90 published novels

Over 3 Million books in print in over 20 languages

USA Today Best-Seller

Two-time Maggie Award Winner

Three-time Romantic Times nominee

Featured in COSMO magazine (Red-hot read)

Featured in REDBOOK magazine (Women Under 30 who do it all)

Featured on Time's Square jumbotron

Fun Facts~

Five Facts about Katherine: 

1. Katherine is a USA Today bestselling author with more with other 3 million books in print in over 25 countries.

2. Katherine has been featured in national magazines such as COSMO (red-hot read 2010) and REDBOOK (Women Under 30 Who Do It All, 1998).

3. Katherine's books have garnered numerous awards and nominations including two prestigious Maggie Awards.

4. Katherine worked at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL as a VIP tour guide and production page on The New Mickey Mouse Club keeping Britney, Christina, Justin and Ryan from being pestered by teenagers.

5. Katherine is a native Floridian who currently lives in the UK.

Website Newsletter Goodreads Amazon Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bookbub Instagram

Buy Links Long:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2fPbvcj

Author Links ~

Website: http://www.katherinegarbera.com/

Newsletter: http://www.katherinegarbera.com/contact

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18213.Katherine_Garbera

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Katherine-Garbera/e/B000AQ304W/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatherineGarberaAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/katheringarbera

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kathygarbera/

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/katherine-garbera

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katherinegarbera/

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~ Just In Time for Halloween ~ ONCE UPON A GHOST! ~

With Bailey Burke’s design and staging business booming- it turns out tangling with a serial killer is the best advertising ever- she has no time to lament her lack of love life, or wonder where her dead friend Ryan’s ghost has gone. She hasn’t seen him in months, but when she finds a body in a home she’s been hired to stage she’s hounded by the dead man’s ghost.

Having been a medium before, this guy is by far the most irritating ghost she’s ever met, with his constant need to talk over her and flick pennies at her head. Without Ryan to guide her, she’s on her own to figure out what the dead man needs from her. On top of all that, cop Jake Marner is back in her life, ostensibly to protect her, but mostly to confuse her as to whether they are dating or not.

Before she can say “Put It Where?” Bailey finds herself immersed in mob dealings, the secret world of male-only sweat baths, and double dealings. When another body turns up, there is no doubt that she’s in over her head, again.



USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy first published in 2002 and has since written over seventy novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult romance, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Erin is a RITA finalist and an ALA Reluctant Young Reader award recipient, and is both traditionally and indie published.


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MASON'S MISSING ~ And You Need To Find Him! ~

Please welcome author Theresa Burrell with her latest, MASON'S MISSING...

Mason’s Missing (A Tuper Mystery – Book 1)

by Teresa Burrell

Publication Date: October 3, 2017

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Print Length: 249 Pages

Goodreads | Amazon


Tuper is helping find five-year-old Mason, who was presumably taken by his father. But when Mason’s father is found unconscious, Mason has disappeared again.

In an impossible search during a bitterly cold Montana blizzard, old cowboy Tuper and his hacker friend Lana’s quest blurs into one of insanity and murder. As wounded Tuper fights to stay alive in the bitter cold, Lana searches cyberspace and finds someone is working hard to ensure certain secrets remain secret — especially Mason’s true identity.

From the Author ~

This was a fun book to write. Tuper, a character from THE ADVOCATE’S FELONY, was a reader favorite. I received many emails asking for “more Tuper.” So I decided to give him his own series. Tuper is an aging cowboy who lives in Montana and seems to know everyone in the state. His interests include three things: guns, gambling, and women. People seek his services because he knows how to get things done.

Tuper reluctantly receives help from a very unlikely partner — a young woman who is more than proficient on a computer. They are polar opposites, but they both bring a unique skill set to the table.

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Mello & June

HBS Author's Spotlight

Lora Lee

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author

Books, Dreams, Life

Novel Reads Cafe

Diane Burton: adventure & romance

Loren E. Pryce

What Readers Want

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Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | Pinterest | Goodreads

Teresa Burrell is the author of the award-winning Advocate Series as well as two children’s books. Her readers rave about The Advocate Series with the majority especially fond of her PI, JP Torn. Her main character, Sabre Orin Brown (her initials are S.O.B. – but she is not) is a dedicated child advocate, who can’t seem to stay out of trouble herself.

Teresa was born in Minnesota where she lived the first five years of her life on a farm with her eight siblings. For the next five years she and her family traveled to California to get away from the harsh winters, but each spring they returned to the small midwestern town. Eventually, they stayed in southern California where she graduated from high school and college. After obtaining her teaching credential Teresa enjoyed a satisfying career in the classroom. She has taught children of all ages with diverse backgrounds and special needs. After creating an after-school program that kept kids off the street, she received a community service award.

Teresa has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in both the courtroom and the classroom. After twelve years of teaching, she entered the University of San Diego where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree. As an attorney in San Diego, Burrell maintained a private law practice for twelve years, which specialized in domestic, criminal, and civil cases. Her work in juvenile court focused on representing abused minors and juvenile delinquents. Burrell has received several awards and special recognition from the San Diego Volunteer Lawyers for her countless hours of pro bono work with children and their families.

Now in semi-retirement in California, Teresa continues to educate groups about social issues impacting children and write novels, many of which are inspired by actual legal cases. She is the author of The Advocate Series which now contains eight novels, The Advocate, The Advocate’s Betrayal, The Advocate’s Conviction, The Advocate’s Dilemma, The Advocate’s Ex Parte, The Advocate’s Felony, The Advocate’s Geocache, and The Advocate’s Homicides. The Advocate’s Felony received the San Diego Best Mystery Award, and five of the books have received the International Readers’ Favorite Award.

Teresa has recently written two children’s books, along with illustrator, Zack Settle, called Gaspar, the Flatulating Ghost and Gaspar, the Flatulating Ghost Meets a Bully. This series is designed to entertain as well as help children deal with problems they confront on a daily basis.

Her newest novel is MASON’S MISSING, the first in the Tuper Mystery Series. This book stars Tuper, a character from book 6 of The Advocate Series. Tuper was a fan-favorite when he first appeared in THE ADVOCATE’S FELONY.


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~ DANCE WITH ME...Or At Least Read With Me ~

Please welcome Heather Slade and her latest, DANCE WITH ME....

Blurb ~

Wherever he was, Billy owned the air. It belonged to him, and he took it.

Last year saddle bronc rider Billy Patterson reached the pinnacle of success in his sport and had the championship buckle to prove it. He needed that flashy reminder this year, because now nothing seemed to be going right in his world.

He couldn’t manage an eight-second ride to save his life; the girl he’s wanted forever, his best friend Renie, is oblivious to how he feels about her; and her mother sold him a ranch that he was incapable of taking care of alone. But the worst of it was, with no anchor at the ranch other than her horse in his boarding stable, Renie was probably leaving too, if he couldn’t convince her to stay.

That becomes the least of Billy’s worries, however, when he suddenly becomes a single parent to a child he didn’t even know about. That complicates everything, but he can’t regret having the daughter he quickly falls in love with. The question was, did that mean the end of his chances with Renie?

At her age, asking her to become an instant mother would be selfish, even if she would entertain that absurd idea after her own mother was tied down around the same age. As much as Billy knew letting Renie go was the right thing to do, he also realized letting her go would mean allowing her to run right back into the arms of a man she didn’t belong with, and he didn’t think he could do that.

This is book can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

Links ~


Author Bio~

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order. I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur. I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.


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~ Everyone Could Use A Little CAPER MAGIC In Their Life! ~

Please welcome Nick Forrester, from Caper Magic, a romantic novella by Veronica Lynch, available in both digital and print format [Hauntings in the Garden, Vol II] from the Wild Rose Press.

Hi, Nick. Tell us about yourself. 

I was born and raised in Syracuse New York. At an early age my parents abandoned my younger sister AnneMarie and me. My uncle and aunt, Genevieve and Henri Pierpont rescued us from the foster care system and raised us as their own.

What is your occupation? 

I retired from the Syracuse PD a couple years ago. Now I am Chief of Investigations for one of the bigger law firms in Syracuse: Gallow, Yankowicz and Perot.


I retired from the coppers because it was time. I went to work for the GYPsters because they offered me an obscene amount of money to do what I'd done for thirty years. I'm good at finding missing persons because I don't give up. Plus, it keeps me off the streets.

What is your earliest childhood memory? 

Scrounging alleys behind restaurants, digging into garbage pails for my next meal. My parents would not have won the Ward and June Cleaver Award for good parenting. If they thought to bring food into the house, all well and good. If not, tough luck kids, you're on your own. I thank my Higher Power every day for Uncle Hank and Aunt Gennie. They saved my life, and AnnieMarie's.

What do you like about Nunie Doyle? 

She's got a laugh that warms a man down to his toes. Plus, her accent makes me close my eyes and hum. When she's excited or pissed off I can barely understand her but that's what makes life interesting.

Has life handed you any major disappointments? 

A couple years ago, a major scandal erupted with the local university and its football program. When I say major, I mean high ranking college and police administrators lost their jobs; the school was slapped with some serious penalties by the NCAA for covering up major felonies; and my best friend and partner killed himself rather than face the music for dragging his ass on the investigation. Nunie Doyle was the one who blew the whistle on the cover-up to the media. I didn't have all the details of what was going on, only that a good man was dead and it was her fault. When I met her face to face in Cape Brendan, I didn't treat her so well. In fact, I acted like a real dog.

What CD is in your player right now? 

“Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim”. My Nunie goes all gooey when she hears Brazilian bossa nova music. In my teens I learned the fastest way to get a girl into the back seat was to slip a cassette of Old Blue Eyes' best hits into the car's cassette player. Magic. 

Here's a blurb about Caper Magic:

P.I. Nick Forrester comes to Cape Brendan ostensibly to assist with Caper Madness, a month long celebration of everything Halloween. In reality he is tracking a woman on the run. Within days he is confronted by Annunciata Doyle, a vivid reminder of a pain-filled past.

After retreating to Cape Brendan in defeat and humiliation, Nunie Doyle's only hope was to make the best of forced retirement. There, in this quaint tourist town on the shores of Lake Ontario, she has earned the love and respect of new friends and neighbors—and now puts her talent for helping women to use.

With the mutual goal of making Caper Madness the best ever, Nick and Nunie fight tooth and nail on the personal level, each discovering a new side to the other, sides that make them consider making drastic changes for the rest of their lives.

This attraction: complete madness—or sheer magic? 

To purchase Caper Magic, go to:

Wild Rose Press: https://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-titles/3329-caper-magic.html

Amazon: wwwAmazon.com/Caper-Magic-Hauntings-Garden-Veronica=ebook/dp/B00O0FVUDC/ref=pd-rhf

Author bio ~

Legal nurse consultant, victim advocate, sexual assault nurse examiner Veronica Lynch--and her alter ego, Kat Henry Doran--has been there and done that--many times over. She often travels to the shores of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River and farther east to the historic Adirondack or Catskill Mountains for the settings if her books which feature strong characters who stand for the less thans in this world. Over the years, she has been called many things, not all of them flattering. The name she treasures most is Nana to the four brightest lights in her life: Meredith and Ashlin, Owen and Kieran.

For more information on Kat and Veronica, go to:

Email: WildWomenAuthors@yahoo.com

Blog: www.WildWomenAuthorsx2.blogspot.com

Amazon: www.Amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=Veronica+Lynch

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/WildWomenAuthors

Pinterest: www.Pinterest.com/KatHenryDoran

Twitter: @VLynchAuthor and @KatHenryDoran1

We're giving away this prize to one lucky person who comes to visit and leaves a comment. This witchin' trivet! (Get it? Like bitchin', but witchin'? ...Yeah. Never mind. This really cool trivet, then. :) )

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HEIRESS SEEKING PERFECT HUSBAND~Ain't We All?~Seek No Longer for the Perfect Romance!

Please welcome author Maris Soule! Maris has a special running on her book HEIRESS SEEKING PERFECT HUSBAND (only 99¢!), and she's here to tell us more about it...

As a teenager, I fell in love with the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. It broke my heart that Cyrano loved Roxanne so much, and she never realized this until the very end, when he was dying. When I wrote Heiress Seeking Perfect Husband, I wanted a similar situation (except, without the dying part at the end). So, I created a plot where my heroine, Shannon Powell, during an interview, says her late husband never wrote her love letters. As soon as that story is printed, Shannon begins receiving love letters, some that she immediately discards, but a handful she answers.

Now, Clint Dawson, my poor hero in the story, isn’t sure what to do. He was hired by Shannon’s husband to keep her safe, but, since she refused to have a bodyguard, her husband told her Clint was merely her chauffeur. She swears she’ll fire Clint if she finds out he’s her bodyguard, so even after her husband’s unexpected death, Clint must keep up the charade. And she needs a bodyguard. She’s now a very wealthy widow, and Clint suspects these letter writers are looking for a way to tap into that wealth.

Clint is not happy when he’s asked to write a love letter to Shannon in repayment for help he received in getting his mother a computer. Reluctantly Clint writes the letter for the man, but then he’s asked to write another and another. When Shannon discovers the man didn’t write his own letters, she’s upset, and says “Cyrano” needs to write his own letters. Clint may not have the big nose Cyrano had, but Clint does not feel worthy of Shannon, so he reluctantly continues the correspondence, writing as “Cyrano,” and praying Shannon never discovers the words are really his.

Here’s a scene that indicates some of his struggle.

“Maybe . . . Or maybe he’s just shy. Clint, remember in the story of Cyrano how Roxanne fell in love with Cyrano’s words. Well, I’m falling in love with my ‘Cyrano’s’ words.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“No it’s not.” Why she expected him to understand, she didn’t know. Clint wasn’t lyrical. He was like John, frugal with his words. Any time Clint put five sentences together, it sounded like a speech.

“When I get one of Cyrano’s letters, I feel like I’m communicating with someone . . . someone who . . .” She waved her hand in the air, feeling verbally inadequate herself and wishing she could come up with a way to explain.

“You’re communicating with someone who’s giving you a snow job, that’s what,” Clint said. “The guy’s after your money. Next thing you know, he’ll start writing about his poor mother and how he hates seeing her living where she is and would like to get her out of the area.”

“He did say something like that,” she said, remembering.

“Sure, that’s the start. Just a passing remark, maybe a supposed goal he has.”

“He said he wanted to move her out of the neighborhood to someplace better, safer.”

“Right.” He nodded. “Then next will be how he needs some money. Just for a while, of course. And he’ll promise to pay it back.”

Smugly, she smiled. “He hasn’t asked for any money.”

“Oh, give him time, give him time.”

Clint looked so certain, Shannon began to wonder. Could she be acting like a sucker? It was a possibility.

“What’s this ‘Cyrano’ of yours write, anyway?” he asked. “Syrupy, romantic verse?”

“No.” She supposed some of what he wrote could be considered romantic, but she certainly didn’t think it syrupy. “He writes nice things.”


“Like answers to my questions. Like a description of a sunrise. His definition of love.”

“Oh, and just what is that?”

She knew she wouldn’t be able to quote Cyrano’s words so they sounded anything but syrupy, but she tried. “ ‘To love,’ he said, ‘is to set free the gentle spirit, to allow it to grow and expand. To love is to yearn with all your heart and soul, yet to walk away because you know you must. To love is to spend restless nights and tormented days, and to cherish every moment.’ You can laugh if you like,” she said. “But that’s how I feel.”

“About love?” He shook his head. “Sounds pretty dismal to me. All this yearning and torment. I sure wouldn’t cherish it.”

“That’s because you’re a cynic.” His attitude irked her.

“And you’re too gullible.”

She shook her head. “Not every man is after my money, Clint. Some might actually like me.”

“Oh, I’m sure they do. The question is, which ones like you more than the money. I don’t think you understand the position you’re in.”

The e-book version of Heiress Seeking Perfect Husband is on-sale from September 4th – 9th for .99 cents. Pick up a copy if you’d like to read more about Clint’s efforts to protect Shannon without letting her know how he feels about her.

I love the idea of a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac! Such a wonderfully romantic story!
Don't forget to enter Maris' giveaway below!

Heiress Seeking Perfect Husband
$0.99 for a Limited Time
by Maris Soule

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Page Length: 182

Shannon Powell thinks the interview is over when she mentions that her late husband never wrote her love letters. She isn’t prepared for a headline that says, “Heiress Wants Love Letters.” When the letters start arriving, she decides to answer a few…to even meet some of the men.

Clint Dawson isn’t sure what to do. His title is chauffeur, but Shannon’s late husband actually hired Clint to be her bodyguard. She’s said she doesn’t need a bodyguard and has threatened to fire him if that’s his job, which means he must keep Shannon from seeing him as he follows her on her dates. What’s worse, Clint ends up writing letters for one of the would-be suitors. It’s Cyrano de Bergerac all over again as Clint writes the words he’d love to tell her in person, if he only felt worthy.

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What Readers Want
Romance Me

Read an Excerpt

About Maris Soule

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Newsletter | Amazon

I love living in a small, rural town.

My first twelve years were spent growing up in Walnut Creek, California (when Walnut Creek was still a small town), and I have childhood memories of catching pollywogs in the creek that ran by us, of being able to pick ripe peaches from the trees on our two acres (also almonds, pears, English walnuts, apricots, and more); and sitting in my “thinking” tree making up stories. When I married my husband, I was going to U.C. Santa Barbara, but two years later we decided to move to Michigan. It was supposed to be a short-term move (just a couple years, my husband said). I won’t tell you how many years we’ve now lived in Michigan, but we now have grown children and teenage granddaughters. I haven’t regretted the move. Michigan is a beautiful state, and for 27 years we lived in the rural community of Climax. What a perfect location for a romance writer, and what a neat place to plot a mystery with a lot of suspense. (Yes, there are some similarities between the real Climax and my imaginary Zenith in The Crows, As the Crow Flies, and Eat Crow and Die, but the events and people in those books are definitely fictional.)
I love animals.

I fell in love with the Rhodesian Ridgeback the first time I saw one at a dog show. I love their temperament, their intelligence, and their personalities. Over the years I’ve owned several: It seemed natural to use a Ridgeback puppy in my “Crows”books. We’ve also owned hunting dogs (my husband’s), German Shepherds, and now a poodle.

When we lived near Climax, we owned horses and raised (at various times) chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, goats, and even one steer. I would say we also owned many cats, but I think they owned us.

I love being near the water.

We’ve now moved close to Lake Michigan (so my husband is near his sailboat), and we spend our winters in Florida, not far from the Gulf Coast. Both locations feed my love of being near water (remember that creek I played in and Santa Barbara) and are ideal places to nurture my desire to write.

I love happy (or at least satisfying) endings

Whether I’m writing or reading a romance, a mystery, or a combination of the two, I want a satisfying ending (girl gets guy and/or good guys get bad guys). For my books, I’m probably going to include an animal or two and there’s a good chance the characters will live in the country, the mountains, or near water. I’ve often used Michigan and California as settings, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida shows up in a future book.

I’m sometimes asked if the characters in my books are based on me or someone I know. My answer is: Maybe bits and pieces, but my protagonists are always braver and smarter than I am (along with younger) and the antagonists are always nastier than the people I’ve known.

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~ A Good Read is Just a STONE FALL Away! ~

Please welcome Min Edwards with her romantic suspense, STONE FALL...


She’s running for her life. He’s vowed to save her, whether she wants him to or not.

Sandra Hastings has just lost the case of her career. Mob boss Silvestre Buonovenura is exonerated and now out to get her. And if that’s not enough, the New York DA’s office has politely asked her to take some time off... maybe a lot of time... maybe forever.

Nick McCullough is a little bored with tiny Stone Bay, Maine, and his new job as Chief of Police. He’s hopeful though that a weekend camping with the lovely Sandra Hastings might just be the answer to his prayers, get him back on track, lift his spirits. Now he has to make sure that the mob boss who’s put a hit out on her doesn’t get the chance to complete his plans. Maybe his little weekend away won’t be as restful as Nick had planned.


With her face in the dirt, Sandra was almost to the point of giving up when she heard something from the jungle across the clearing. A rustling but not accompanied by the distinctive chatter of the small monkeys who had kept her awake during the past two nights. In fact, there was no other sound. It was as if the jungle creatures had turned to stone in fear. And the thought of what could instill that in them had her slowly easing her head up from the dirt.

At first, she saw nothing in the dim moments before the sun’s rays could angle directly into the clearing, but she still heard rustling in the bushes at a point directly across from her shed. Something was there, something big.

Then from the corner of her eye, she saw movement. At first just a dark boxy shape peeking out of the leaves. Perhaps one of those monkeys.

Nope. In the next instant, the square black shape became something long... and slithery.

At first, it came into the now illuminated clearing slowly, sinuously. She knew the head looked big from her vantage point in the dirt, but as she pushed her body up with her arms, she realized that big wasn’t a... big enough word for the creature. It slithered out into the early morning light and slithered and then slithered some more until in the center of the clearing the thing began coiling and stacking its body until it looked like a turban for a giant.

Sandra knew she should do something. But nothing much came to mind except to stare. She was still caught with her butt wedged under the shed door. If that thing started toward her, she wouldn’t have a chance of pushing herself back under the door to the safety of her cell. And she’d dug a damn hole as a welcoming entrance for the beast. Come on inside and have a meal... of tasty, plump American woman. Nick, where are you? I need you to come and kill this thing right now.

Since contorting her body back under the door probably was impossible, the alternative was to push onward—without disturbing the turban-beast. So as quietly as she could, with her eyes glued to the snake in front of her, she wiggled, pushed with her toes, shimmied her hips until her butt popped free. Of course, the popping came with an added bonus... a big rip in the seat of her pants.


You can buy STONE FALL here:


You can find Min here:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Min-Edwards/e/B00J3WU8U8/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMinEdwards/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEdwardsAuthor

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~ Psst! You Need To Hear About THE HAUNTING OF HOTEL LABELLE! ~

Please welcome Sharon Buchbinder with her paranormal romance, THE HAUNTING OF HOTEL LABELLE...

Blurb ~

When hotel inspector, Tallulah Thompson, is called in along with her pug, Franny, to investigate renovation delays, she meets an extremely annoyed and dapper turn-of-the-century innkeeper. The only problem is he’s in limbo, neither dead nor alive, and Tallulah and the pug are the first to see him in a hundred years.

Cursed by a medicine woman, “Love ‘em and Leave ‘em Lucius” Stewart is stuck between worlds until he finds his true love and gives her his heart. When he first sees Tallulah, he doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Yet, her stunning beauty, and feisty attitude pull him in.

With the fate of Hotel LaBelle on the line, Tallulah with the help of a powerful medicine woman turns Lucius back into a flesh and blood man. She and Lucius team up to save the hotel, but Tallulah can't help but wonder if he will ever let go of his past love and learn to love again.

Excerpt ~

Every muscle in her body screamed for a hot bath. Tallulah cranked on the faucets of the claw-foot tub, plugged her cell phone in to charge, and stripped out of her travel clothes. She stepped into the steaming water and sank down into the bubbles, closing her eyes with a sigh of contentment. Franny plopped on the rug next to the tub and snored. An hour later, Tallulah awoke to a yapping pug and tepid bathwater. She stepped over the dancing dog, dropped her flannel nightgown over her head, and brushed her teeth while the little beast cocked her head and watched. “Let it never be said that a pug allowed its owner to brush their teeth alone.” Franny snorted.

The nightlight cast a small yellow glow when Tallulah opened the bathroom door, headed to the bed—and stopped. A drop-dead gorgeous mustachioed man with brown wavy hair falling to the collar of his old-fashioned suit perched on the edge of her four poster. The scent of cigar smoke and whiskey wafted to her on the breeze from the overhead fan, and his shadow stretched across the quilt in an extended parody of his height. Franny leaped at the man’s legs and barked. He reached down to pet the dog, murmured something, and she wagged her curly little tail. Rooted to the spot, heart thrumming in her throat, Tallulah debated running back into the bathroom and calling Will on her cell phone to get his butt up to the room and explain how this stranger got past her dead bolted and chained door. She took a deep breath. Flight wasn’t an option since he blocked her path from the room. Besides, she’d have to unwrap her pug from around his ankles or leave her here with the intruder. Not a chance. Time to put up a good fight. “Who the hell are you?” She wanted to snatch Franny away from him, but didn’t want to get too close to this stranger. “What are you doing in my room?”

The man’s dark, intelligent eyes widened and his eyebrow quirked. “You can see me?”

“Of course I can see you. I repeat. Who the hell are you? You’re sitting on my bed as if you own the place.”

“I’m Lucius Stewart. I do own the place. I’m the proprietor of Hotel LaBelle."

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Please welcome Margo Hoornstra and SATURDAY IN SERENDIPITY...

3 Stories in 1 Anthology

A 20 year high school reunion changes the lives of former classmates & leads to unexpected futures.


Barry Carlson had it all, a successful pro baseball career and the adoration of any woman he wanted. Except one, Amanda Marsh. Twenty years ago, in high school, Barry won Amanda’s love only to crush her heart. Forced to retire in his prime, he’s back in their home town of Serendipity, Vermont determined to earn a second chance. Recently divorced, Amanda is happily single until Barry slides back into her life. She isn’t interested in a repeat performance. Turning him down should be easy, if only he wasn’t still the love of her life. Barry and Amanda must put aside old wounds and new misunderstandings to find their forever love.

The solution was simple. Get out of the car, walk up to the house and ring the bell. Apologize for the intrusion when her father came to the door, and ask to see Amanda.

Only for a couple of minutes. Please.

Then he could fall all over himself telling her how sorry he was.

“Yeah that’s gonna fly.” His whisper filled the emptiness around him, and he dropped his head. “Face it, asshole. You blew it.”

In an odd way, talking to himself, he didn’t feel quite so alone.

He turned his gaze back to stare at Amanda’s window. The shade was still down. Her light was out.

So that was it.

Moving like a rigid, soulless robot, Barry put the car in gear and drove slowly away. Picking up speed as he left Amanda’s subdivision, he floored it once he hit the highway. With the windows down, the warm night air cooled as it roared around him.

He flicked the headlights on high. Their beams lit up the trees, telephone poles and bushes as they whizzed by. Nothing could stop him as long as he kept his foot down hard on the gas pedal. Then something did.

Pulling to one side of the deserted road, he jammed the gear shift into park, jumped out, ran around to the back bumper, bent over.

And puked his guts out onto the warm asphalt.


Blane Weston’s construction company needs the venture capital Matt Durand is more than willing to provide. But with his reputation for hostile business takeovers, she makes it clear she wants no part of what he has to offer. Especially when he shows up at one of her building sites, unannounced and early to negotiate terms. Besides, Blane has other plans for the next few days. Alone and single for far too long, she’s ready to hook up with a former flame at her high school reunion in Serendipity, Vermont. Not used to being denied, Matt follows her only to find her destination holds memories and unfinished business for him. 

How can Blane possibly enjoy a journey back to her past when Matt is determined to dictate her future?


Sparks flashed in those bright green eyes that had so captivated him from day one. Except, just now he was sorely tempted to dodge out of the way so he wouldn’t get scorched by escaping flames.

“It’s my job to remember a lot of things.” Her gaze dropped away from his. “The appointment with you wasn’t one of them. I thought you understood that had been cancelled.”

“Guess nobody told me.” Though he couldn’t let her see him sweat, a frantic voice screamed at him this wasn’t going to work. Ignoring it, somehow he kept his composure as he slowly shut the door. “I had some questions.”

“About Weston?” She picked up some papers she moved to the left corner of her desk. “Galloway, or do you still represent the Dorman involvement with Advanced Properties.”

“None of the above.”

Leaning forward, she leveled a wary gaze on him. “What do you want then?”

With a deep breath and a prayer, he pushed off from the doorway. “You.”


His twentieth high school reunion in Serendipity, Vermont leaves hospital CEO Jake Holbrook feeling lonely and alone. So when a special woman from his past tumbles back into his life—and his bed—he’s determined to keep her there. Family practice physician Bethany Thomas knows it’s a bad idea to sleep with her late husband’s best friend—even if he is the only man she ever loved. After years of marriage to the wrong man, she isn’t looking for an entanglement with her future boss. Clashing philosophies on patient care lead Bethany to betray Jake. As the holidays approach, his job is on the line. Can Bethany and Jake overcome their lack of trust to find their own Christmas miracle?


“There’s something we need to discuss.” Jake’s strangled exhale drew Bethany’s attention.

One fateful Friday night had progressed to an inevitable morning after. In contrast to the heat of a late August day outside, their cozy Palm Springs hotel room took on a sudden chill. Her rock of security stirred. Their perfect existence tilted. Reality hit with the subtlety of Dorothy being blasted out of Kansas.

“Which is?” She braced for his response.

Like everyone else, was good old reliable Jake about to bail on her?

Nestled beside her in the bed they shared, he took another breath. “We need to talk about what just happened.”

Each word sliced through her heart. “And?”

“Difficult as it is for me to admit stupidity, we, ah, didn’t exactly practice safe sex.”

“There’s no chance I could become pregnant if that’s your concern.” She made sure her tone was solid and direct. “I’ve been—I’ve taken care of that.”

Mostly at her late husband’s insistence since he never wanted children. Another philosophical difference which drove them apart. True to his selfish nature, Brian made it clear the responsibility to ensure they didn’t procreate fell to her. Rather than argue, she took her birth control pills as prescribed. No matter how much she loathed doing it. A practice she’d maintained out of habit, even after the man she’d been married to for nearly twenty years was gone. The one she’d begun divorce proceedings against shortly before his unexpected death.

“That’s not what I’m asking, Bethy. It’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m not capable of getting anyone pregnant.”

Amazon buy link:


I love the concept behind this anthology~using the days of the week in the titles. I wonder if Margo will eventually have titles for all seven days. I've also always been a fan of her writing and the excerpts here are no exception. Sounds like wonderful reads!

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~ Because Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout TALE OF THE SHARP-DRESSED MAN! ~

Please welcome Jon M. Michaels with his dark humor paranormal/horror novel, TALE OF THE SHARP-DRESSED MAN...

Blurb ~

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn meets The Devil’s Advocate"

Thirteen-year-old Luke Morgan is living a charmed life on his Grandpa Theo’s farm, sheltered from the noise of the world by endless, rural beauty. But, his country innocence is quickly shattered one late afternoon as he watches an approaching thunderstorm with his grandfather at his side. Something other than churning clouds are in the sky that day. A twisting, black, mass of evil that his grandfather is not unfamiliar with.

Upon seeing the strange spectacle, Theo tells Luke that the two of them must travel to their neighbor’s home—and kill the entire family. Luke quickly learns there is much he doesn’t know about his kindly grandfather, as he is plunged into a nightmarish world of demons and human suffering.

“Equally chilling and hilarious, Tale of the Sharp-Dressed Man is a spectacular debut novel!” ~ Award-Winning Author, Alicia Dean

Excerpt ~

The doors swung open with ease, and I stepped into the world of real light. It was wonderful. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, smelling flowers and churned earth. I heard voices mingled with the crackle of static coming from cop radios. I opened my eyes and noticed a black hearse parked next to the hospital beneath a tattered cedar-tree. Painted on the doors was Hughes County Coroner.

“Holy, crap. It’s her.” I quickly looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to me. I was practically invisible. I scooted to the hearse and peeked in a window. Through a set of small drapes, I was barely able to make out a black body bag. Then I noticed the back of the hearse was wide open.

I had to get a closer look.

I approached the bag and saw that it was not fully zipped. A small tuft of gray hair poked through the opening, which was apparently the head. Her feet were closest to me, which meant I was going to have to crawl inside to get a better look.

What was wrong with me?

Knowing full well how absurd my actions were, yet unable to stop myself, I clambered inside and made my way to the protruding hair. I was a foot or two away from her head when it started to wiggle. In fact, the entire bag wiggled like it was full of vibrators. Gurgling sounds were coming from within.