Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~ Stop In For The Love of Family, Romance, and Danger, Wild West Style! ~

Author Susan Horsnell has joined us today to share her The Glenmore's: Complete Collection with us. Here's a bit about each of the books in the collection. 

Book 1 - Revenge 

The Glenmore Family come to the assistance of a young girl who has been beaten and horse-whipped then left to die on the track leading to their ranch.
She is taken to their ranch to recover; the outlaws responsible for her beating keep watch in the hopes they can recapture the girl and obtain the information they are sure she has.
The search for the outlaws becomes a matter of urgency when murder, shootings, robbery and beatings affect the Glenmore Family.
Rangers are brought in and the assistance of local Indians is sought.
A story about the most tender love; as well as murder, greed and intrigue.

Book 2 - Deputy 

When James Glenmore locks up a feisty young girl because she causes a
disturbance in the local saloon; he doesn’t realise both their lives
are about to change forever.
They have to endure her father’s deadly temper, which has already destroyed
her young life, before they can be free.
A band of outlaws target the bank in Gold Springs and several horrendous
tortures and murders take place before the law finally catches up
with them; James’ life is placed in grave danger.
James and Rebecca’s lives withstand all obstacles that are put before them
but will James survive the capture of the cruel outlaws?

Book 3 - Sacred Secrets 

Laura Glenmore is the youngest child of Virginia and Joseph Glenmore; the largest ranch owners in the district.
She has three older brothers who have watched out for her all her life.
She takes part in the fall round up to Morgan as she has many times before but on arrival in Morgan, while her father and two of her brothers are at the stockyards, Laura decides to ride off alone for fresh air.
A freak accident leaves Laura unconscious and missing; her distressed family and beau, Nick, all gather in Morgan to begin their search.
As the days pass and the searches reveal nothing; Nick becomes desperate and spends a night in the Canyonlands alone. It is here where Nick is found by an Indian and led to the village where Laura is being cared for.
Nick learns the ways of the Indians and both he and Laura make lifelong friends among these people. As Laura heals they learn the Indians deepest secret and fear and vow to help them keep it.
Follow Nick and Laura through the grief, the heartbreak, the discovery and finally the love that will join them together forever.

Book 4 - Caught 

When the Glenmore’s neighbour, Mason Prentiss, passes on suddenly it leaves his ranch to his only surviving relative – Justine, his granddaughter.
Since the death of her parents two years previously in a hotel fire that also left her badly scarred; Justine has been trapped in boarding school in Boston training to be a teacher. When she learns of her grandfather’s death she determines to make a new life for herself at the ranch. She is sick of the taunts and the cruelty and wants to escape to the seclusion of the country.
Justine meets Ben Glenmore when one of the Glenmore bulls escapes and gets in with her breeding cows; it is not a pleasant first meeting! Their lives become intertwined until the most handsome man in Gold Springs falls for the badly scarred young girl from Boston.
Justine’s ranch is under threat when Justine’s cattle are rustled, her stream is dammed and a kidnapping takes place. Ben attempts to help but finds himself caught in the criminals plot.
Will Justine arrive in time to save the one she loves? Will she finally find the peace and happiness she seeks?


Author Bio ~

I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in the 50's and 60's.

My parents are originally from the Newcastle-Under-Lyme area of England and came to Australia in 1952 as £10 poms. They came under a migration scheme to help Australia with workers.
My father was a Painter and Decorator and I was the eldest of five children.

I was a Nurse, a career that spanned more than 35 years. During my career I specialized in caring for people with Alzheimer's type Dementia, an area that fascinates me despite how heartbreaking it can be.

When I retired 4 years ago I decided it was time to get the stories out of my head and onto paper. From there I just hoped my stories were interesting and well written enough to attract readers.

It is difficult being a new author now that anyone can publish a book. I can understand readers' reticence to read Indie authors but hopefully they will give people like me a chance. I find as an avid reader, you can be pleasantly surprised most of the time. I can't imagine sticking to just one or two authors and just because an author has a publisher doesn't make them good. I have certainly read some terrible books which have been published by some of the largest companies.

I do hope readers enjoy my books and would love them to leave reviews.

Twitter: @susanhorsnell


  1. Good morning, Susan! I should mention that I met Susan through her Easy Chair Bookshop where she features a variety of authors--check it out here:

  2. Oh my gosh, sounds like an excellent series. Very cool that you can get them all in one volume. I am also familiar with Easy Chair Books. A great site! Thanks for sharing, Susan.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alicia! Yes, Susan is such a big supporter of other writers!

  3. Thank you, Mary for having me on your lovely blog site and for your support of Easychair.

    1. My pleasure, Susan! Come back any time you have something to promote.

  4. Thank you Alicia for your support and for visiting.

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree. It would be fascinating to follow the history of a family in the Wild West. And this family sounds like a handful! Thanks for stopping in, Maureen!

  6. Your stories sound great. I love family sagas. Best wishes.

  7. Hi Sue,
    I don't think my previous comment came through.
    Just wanted to say great post and that I can vouch for the Glenmore collection, all great stories.

  8. Thank you Maureen, Diane and Margaret for taking the time to visit and comment. I am working on a book at the moment which is actually set in Canberra, Australia. I thought it was time I set something where I live. It is due out at the end of the year so I will be in touch, Mary.

    1. Sounds good, Susan. Just let me know and we'll get you on the schedule.

  9. Best of luck to you. Being a newby author can be exhilarating as well as frustrating. Your stories sound quite compelling.

    1. Susan- I appreciate you stopping in! Have a great week!