Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~ Everyone Wants To Be DEMON KISSED, So Pucker Up! ~

So happy to be able to introduce to my friend, author Karilyn Bentley with her newest release, DEMON KISSED. Isn't this a great cover, by the by? The sexy little pose of the demon huntress, the colors, the way the series name does that ombre kind of fade out thing... But before we get to the book, let's find out a little more about Karilyn...

When did your love for writing start? 

Probably about the same time I learned to spell. I used to come up with stories that were a lot like Nancy Drew (who was my favorite heroine as a kid). I always wrote stories in my head but never thought of writing as a career until after I was married.

I wrote stories as a kid, too. I wonder how many other authors started with hole-punched, yarn bound books. How do you balance the demands of your everyday life and your writing life? 

Oh, you're supposed to balance them?? Seriously, I have no idea. Which is probably why I'm the slowest writer ever.

I hear you! I have no physical balance (always falling over in Tai Chi class) and can't balance my responsibilities, either. Do you have a job outside of writing? What is it and how does it mesh with your writing? 

I work in a busy oncology clinic as a clinical researcher. That means I help run clinical trials. What it really means is that I'm a glorified paper pusher. It's a good job and I enjoy it. Not sure it meshes with my writing. 

Do you have hobbies that you’d like to share? 

I used to paint but haven't since my grandmother died. One of these days I'll pick my brushes up again.

I hope you do. I'm sure you have a lot to offer! Share with us a little about your family. Married? Kids? Pets? 

Married, no kids, one dog, aka The Kraken. We used to have two dogs at a time for most of our married life, but they all passed on and are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We haven't decided if we are going to get another one to keep The Kraken company. Maybe in the future?

The Kraken? I'm not sure I'd like to meet this Kraken in a dark alley. ;) Now, just for fun-

If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose, and why?

A fly. Imagine all the juicy conversations you could overhear by lurking on the wall.

I believe that is the first time I've ever gotten that answer, but it's a good one! When trick-or-treating as a kid, was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get? 

I was allergic to chocolate as a kid. Awful, right? And I was always sick around Halloween so Mom would dress me and my brother up, sit us on the couch, and have our friends come over. I'd get all their "yucky" candy (aka, the non-chocolate treats) and they'd get some chocolate bars. It worked out great for all.

I'm not sure if being allergic to chocolate would be a curse or a blessing... What one thing (modern convenience) could you not live without? 

Electricity! That pretty much sums it up. 

It is a pretty dandy invention, isn't it? Comes in handy! Well, thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself with us. How 'bout we hear a little more about DEMON KISSED...

Blurb ~

Gin Crawford, the world's latest demon huntress, has no time to mourn her dead lover as she's called in to determine why a demon attack occurred at the local medical school. And not just any demon, but the one demon that gives her demon-killing bracelet the shivers. A dead professor, a lab full of missing anthrax, and a demon who turns good people into minions complicate her life. Can Gin and her mentor Aidan Smythe solve the mystery of the missing anthrax and the identity of the demon before someone else dies?

Excerpt ~

The scent of sulfur hangs in the air like a demonic stink bomb. I want to slap a hand over my nose, but no one else seems affected by the stench. Must be a demon huntress thing.

“Justitian,” Smythe mutters. “Not demon huntress.”

“If you don’t like my new title, then stay out of my mind.”

He glares. I swallow. Cross my arms. Refuse to take a step back. I’m learning not to be intimidated by his anger. Go me.

My justitia vibrates, throwing me out of my internal battle, pulling me back to the land of death and minions. The blob of colors pulsates, a glowing reminder of a moment of terror. The moment the demon appeared to the grad student.

Granted, I’m still taking Demons 101, but I thought demons formed minions in private. Usually after the human committed a crime, not before. A tryout, so to speak. And maybe that happened, but it sure seems to me like the black blob of demon force appeared to the grad student smack in the middle of the hallway.

Or maybe that always happens, and I just now noticed it.

The justitia’s vibration grows stronger, trembling my arm, my veins. Not its normal excited tremor upon seeing a minion or demon. A rush of images spikes through my mind, scenes of terror coupled with blood and death, memories of the justitia’s former wearers captured in time by the entity in the bracelet.

I’m not the only one freaked out by the colored blob. How bad was this demon to scare a justitia?

Author bio ~

Karilyn Bentley's love of reading stories and preference of sitting in front of a computer at home instead of in a cube, drove her to pen her own works, blending fantasy and romance mixed with a touch of funny.

Her paranormal romance novella, Werewolves in London, placed in the Got Wolf contest and started her writing career as an author of sexy heroes and lush fantasy worlds.

Karilyn lives in North Texas with her own hunky hero, a crazy dog nicknamed The Kraken, and a handful of colorful saltwater fish.

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Thank you, Karilyn, for joining us today! DEMON KISSED sounds like a fun read. We're so glad you shared it with us.


  1. Thank you for letting me blog with you today M.J.!

    1. Any time, girlfriend! So sorry to get on here late, but it's been a little crazy this morning with the snowstorm we're experiencing. My school got called off, but I still needed to take my husband into work and then my college-aged daughter (I didn't want her driving in it.) I'm so glad you jumped on this for me! :)

    2. No problem! Sorry about the snowstorm! :)

  2. Love the sound of the blurb and the excerpt, Karilyn. Your job at the clinic sounds interesting. It might provide those important medical details for stories, but not be too overpowering for your writing. Some jobs have been like that for me. Although they've been strenuous and challenging, they've been conducive to writing once I'm home--almost a restorative. Good luck with the book!

    1. Thanks for joining us, Barbara! I agree, everything is fodder for the writer. Even my job, as a lunch lady, has made its way into many of my books. The information I garner from it may not be as intellectual, but it can certainly be entertaining!

      Have a great day, Barbara, and if it is as ugly outside there as it is in the Midwest today (we've go snow and high winds), be safe!

    2. Hi Barbara! Thank you for stopping by! My job is interesting, lots of unusual stories to tell. :)

      Happy Reading!!

  3. Awesome interview and the book sounds great too! Best of luck.

    1. Thank you Diane!!! Have a wonderful day!

    2. Yes, Karilyn did a great job with her answers! And thank you for being here to read them, Diane! Have a fabulous evening!

  4. Very admirable job, you have. I totally get the balance issue, it's not easy, is it? Your book sounds soooo awesome!

    1. It's not easy at all! Especially for the easily distracted, like myself! Thanks for stopping in, Alicia!

    2. Nope, balance is not easy. At all! :) Thank you for stopping by!

      Happy Reading!

  5. Fantastic cover! I love the excerpt, too. That'S lousy about the Halloween candy! I would have been so bummed out. Enjoyed the interview!

    1. I guess it's like my shrimp allergy. What you don't know, you can't miss. But still, I'd rather be allergic to shellfish than chocolate. ;) I appreciate you taking the time to stop in, Leah! Enjoy this fabulous One Line Wednesday!

    2. Thank you for stopping by Leah! I never liked chocolate until my 30s. Now I'm a chocolate eating fool! :) Glad you enjoyed the interview!

  6. Fantastic cover! I love the excerpt, too. That'S lousy about the Halloween candy! I would have been so bummed out. Enjoyed the interview!

  7. Wow! What an amazing world you created, minions and all. Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you Kara!! Imaginary worlds are fun to create, aren't they? :) Have a wonderful day!

    2. You can't go wrong with minions I've always said! Thanks for popping in, Kara! Have a wonderful night!

  8. Congrats on your latest release. I thought I was the world's slowest writer. :)

    1. Thank you! You can be in the slowest writer run-off with me! :)

      Happy Reading!

    2. Angelina- we appreciate you stopping by this evening. We each go at our own pace. Fast isn't always better. :) Have a great rest of your week and excellent weekend!

  9. Great interview! I, too, have always been a writer--and writers have to write. Curse or blessing? I come from a long line of writers and all 3 of my children have been published. One grand girl knows she's a writer at the age of 8! Good luck with life and art!