Monday, March 28, 2016

~ I'm Wild About WildAboutBones, and After You Read this Interview, You Will be, Too! ~

I've got something very special for you today. (As compared to the usual garbage. 
No, just kidding.) As I am blessed in having some pretty terrific author friends, I have great stuff on all the time. But this is something unusual. Today I am interviewing the blogger responsible for the site Cover Reveals! Let's see what they have to say...

To start off with, tell us a little bit about your blog.

The original purpose of Cover Reveals was to showcase upcoming book releases with cover reveals. But we quickly had more requests than calendar days, so Cover Reveals has become a blog featuring/promoting recent and new releases. We even had to put a limit on the age of releases. But we haven’t forgotten about older and upcoming releases. We also offer low-cost, fee-based promotion services for books available for pre-order (Coming Soon service), books on sale (On Sale service), books too old to appear in a spotlight post (Twitter promo service), and new for 2016, books that have already appeared on Cover Reveals but need more promo (Featured Post service).

To make a request to appear on Cover Reveals, visit

To learn more about our services, visit

Cover Reveals can be found at:

Twitter: @CoverReveals

Awesome! I know Cover Reveals is one of the first places I want to be on with a new release. Your support is the best! Your blog is called WildAboutBones Presents Cover Reveals. Can you explain the WildAboutBones part?

A few years ago when I had a lot more time to review books, I was a reviewer for the (now blog. I needed an alias, so I turned to one of my favorite characters for inspiration. I am wild about Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series featuring Bones, a sexy British vampire. And WildAboutBones was born. I was a very prolific reviewer and wanted to capitalize on my popularity when I started Cover Reveals. I would review on and showcase new books without reviews on Cover Reveals.

That is so not what I was thinking. I thought maybe you had been into archaeology at some point! My blog is all about people with a love for words--writers, bloggers, reviewers, and the cover artists that dress up their words with visual images. So, a love of words can draw you to do any of the above. What was it that drew you specifically to blogging/reviewing?

Initially my love of reading. As an editor, I saw so many really good books with little-to-no exposure and low sales. I wanted to do something to help get the word out about good books from little known and/or new authors.

That is wonderful! Getting the word out about your book is one of the hardest things to do. What is the hardest thing about blogging and/or reviewing?

It is so time consuming. I feature a different book every day, 7/365–yes, even on the holidays. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to blogging: scheduling, shuffling the schedule when release dates change, hunting for missing information an author neglected to provide, reminding authors of their upcoming posts and the need for their info, promoting the posts/books via the different social media channels, etc. Cover Reveals has become so popular, we could easily feature two and three new books a day if I had the time. Too bad blogging doesn’t come with a paycheck so I could quit the day job. *chuckling*

That's what I think about writing! What is the thing you enjoy the most?

Exposure to all the new books and authors. Love reading all the excerpts. Enjoy interacting with readers who say I totally blow their monthly book budgets.

Do you have a job outside of blogging/reviewing? What is it and how does it mesh with your blogging/reviewing?

Yes, a former Acquisitions Manager and editor for several small press publishers, I am currently doing freelance developmental and content editing and frequently do final line editing/proofreading. I also occasionally teach writing classes and workshops. Additionally, I offer book promotion services. Being a book blogger just seemed like a natural fit.

Wow! You are a busy lady. If you have any spare time, do you have hobbies that you’d like to share?

I am an avid reader and audio book listener. I love to dance but don’t get much of an opportunity to any more.

Where do you live? Where would you love to live?

I currently live in the southern US. I would love to live in one of the cold, snowy states like North Dakota, Montana, or even Alaska if the cost of living wasn’t so high.

Wow! Someone who lives south who wants to come north. Amazing! Most of the time people want to go where it is warm. Share with us a little about your family. Married? Kids? Pets?

The perfect tenant: no kids, no pets, no smoking –boring. No husband but lots of book boyfriends. *big grin*

Your life sounds far from boring! Now, let's have some just for fun questions. If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose, and why? (I feel like Barbara Walters!)

Probably one of the large cats. Maybe a snow leopard. Could play in the snow every time it snowed. Or a jungle jaguar. Could race along the jungle canopy highway or along the forest floor, except I wouldn’t like the heat. If we’re including mythical animals, I’d love to be a fire-breathing dragon with a huge wingspan. Flying as a huge beast would be major cool.

When trick-or-treating as a kid, was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?

Anything with nuts or coconut in it. Yuk!

What was one of the best Christmas presents you ever received? (Because I ask the hard questions.)

1) A car and 2) A Kindle

If you owned a CB radio what would your "handle" be?

LOL! WildAboutBones, of course.

Yeah. That's an easy one for you. What CD is in your CD player right now?

Actually my CD jukebox is packed away right now, but one of my most favorite custom stations on is Jason Aldean.

Rock girl here, but I forgive you. ;) Name your favorite children's story.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Mine, too! What is your concept of a fruitful day?

Getting all my work and blogging tasks done early enough to curl up with a good book for a couple of hours before bed.

Sounds heavenly! What one thing (modern convenience) could you not live without?

Indoor plumbing—no out houses or public bathhouses for me. LOL!

What are your three favorite smells?

Milk chocolate fondue, freshly cleaned sheets, and Mennen Millionaire Cologne for men.

Three unique answers, and I love the smell and feel of clean sheets! Thank you so much for sharing some of yourself with us today. I sincerely appreciate all you do for readers and writers.

Be sure to check out Cover Reveals. It's the place to be!


  1. Welcome! I'm so happy you could join us today!

  2. What a great interview!
    I know how hectic blogging 3 days a week can be (with all the same glitches you mention) I can't imagine doing something 7/365!

    I'll have to remember Cover Reveals when I have a new book out.

    Good luck and God's blessings.

    1. Thanks for joining us, Pam! Make sure you sign up as soon as you have a release date as Cover Reveals is very popular and fills up quickly.

  3. Excellent interview! Very entertaining. Wow, your Cover Reveals and Wild About Bones sites sound fantastic. You are a busy lady, but you're doing good work. ;) I'm totally with you on wanting to live somewhere cold...and on the no husband, pet, or kids (at home). Best of luck with all your projects!

    1. I live somewhere cold and I can't fathom people wanting to be here! ;) Grass is always greener, I guess. Thanks for joining in the conversation today, Alicia!

  4. Great interview, ladies! Nice to learn more about Cover Reveals. I'll definitely keep it in mind for my next book! And I'm so with you on the large cat thing! My choice - Bengal tiger!

    1. I'd be an otter. They always look like they're having so much fun! Thanks for participating, Darcy!

  5. Thanks so much MJ for inviting me to hang out today. This was fun. Thanks to the ladies who commented. I'm looking forward to seeing a future request from you in my inbox.

  6. Sounds like wonderful services for us writers. I will be contacting you soon for my newest release! Thanks so much for all you do.

    1. The best thing about Cover Reveals is they tweet out your book long after you have guested on their site. Awesome! Thanks for popping in, Susan! Have a great week!