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~ Take a Walk With Us Along The DEVIL'S PROMENADE! ~

I am absolutely thrilled to have on with us today one of my favorite authors--Alicia Dean! And she brings along a book from a very unusual project, A World of Gothic--Gothic mysteries written by different authors and set in locations around the globe. But let's find out a little bit more about her first.

Alicia, when did your love for writing start?

When I first began reading. I’ve wanted to write since I was a child.

What is something you struggle with when you write?

There are three main things I struggle with, the beginning, middle, and end. J Haha, although that’s true, I know it’s not what you meant. I probably struggle with characterization the most. I’m a plot driven writer and I don’t always bring the characters to life like I should.

How do you balance the demands of your everyday life and your writing life?

Aaarrrgggghhhh…I don’t! I just try to focus on the most pressing thing at the moment. I ignore my writing more than I should so that I can take care of other things, but I haven’t gone completely insane yet, so I guess I’m managing. The best way I can balance is to get up two hours earlier than I have to in order to get in some writing. And, I try to hibernate and block out everything except writing on weekends when I can.

Do you have a job outside of writing? What is it and how does it mesh with your writing?

Yes, I’m a legal assistant in a family law firm. It doesn’t really ‘mesh’ but I love what I do. It does give me lots of material for books, though. Divorce and paternity cases can get kind of crazy.

Where do you live?

Edmond, Oklahoma. Where would you love to live? Maybe Alaska, except when it’s light 24 hours a day.

When trick-or-treating as a kid, was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?

Those nasty orange fluffy peanuts.

Amen. How did that company stay in business when only a handful of people like them? Name your favorite children's story.

Little Match Girl

Oh, my gosh! That's so depressing! What is your biggest pet peeve?

People asking me questions. HA! Just kidding. I have a lot of pet peeves. One of them is rude/loud eating noises. And people blowing their noses in restaurants. And making out in public. Especially ugly people.

What one thing (modern convenience) could you not live without?


Okay, that could all be one thing, so we'll let you get away with it. What are your three favorite smells?

Coffee, rain, babies

I can't stand the taste of straight up coffee, but I like it when it flavors something else, and the smell is heavenly! Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us, Alicia! Let's find out more about Devil’s Promenade: A World of Gothic – United States...
Blurb ~
Amidst a blizzard, paranormal debunker Camille Burditt arrives at Devil’s Promenade in Oklahoma to research a supernatural 'spook light' for her latest book. There she encounters a ghostly being, which she dismisses as a figment of her imagination. But as the apparition becomes too persistent to deny, Camille realizes the woman’s ghost is quite real—and that her demise was not accidental. 

Declan Rush—the inhospitable, reclusive owner of the inn—is linked to the deceased woman, but he is less than forthcoming. Despite his unfriendliness, Camille is oddly drawn to him, even though she suspects his connection to the spirit might be that of killer to victim.
Excerpt ~
The blackness around me was broken only by the blinking of the cell tower lights ahead and a sliver of moonlight. Even through my coat and the blanket I’d wrapped around my shoulders, frigid air seeped through my bones. From a distance came the low rumble of cars and a keening sound I was growing accustomed to. The possibility of coyotes no longer frightened me—at least not as much as it had in the beginning—but the haunted wail still sent a shiver through my body.

I’d been out for hours when my lids grew heavy, in spite of the nap I’d taken. I poured the last of the coffee from the thermos into the cup and drank the lukewarm liquid. I checked my phone, which was only good as a clock now that I had no service. Four a.m. Six hours. If I hadn’t seen it by now, I probably wouldn’t see it.

I stared down the road, stretching my eyes wide to keep them open. I wasn’t going to make it. I was so sleepy…

I yawned so hard my jaw ached. Definitely time to go in. I reached for the golf cart key, then stopped mid-motion when a glimmer of light caught my eye. I jerked my head up.

There…at the end of the road between the overhang of skeletal tree branches, an orange-yellow ball of light appeared. It hung in the air for a moment before moving in a bouncy motion from left to right. Oh wow… Was I really seeing it?

I blinked and looked again.

The light was still there.

I jumped out of the cart. “Oh my God. The spook light,” I whispered in awe.

I no longer felt the cold, and I was no longer sleepy. My insides jittered, but from excitement rather than fear. In one of the articles I’d read, a psychic claimed the light wasn’t actually a light, but a dimension to another world…that it could lead to danger. But still, I wasn’t afraid.

This was amazing. Beyond amazing. I fumbled out my cell phone and snapped a few photos. I touched the thumbnail and breathed a sigh of relief. Unlike Eleanor had in the video, they hadn’t disappeared. I’d actually gotten pictures.

I glanced around, feeling alone, wishing someone were here to share it with me. I let out a scoffing chuckle. Be honest, you wish Declan were here to share it with you.

In spite of my humiliation, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him since last night. I couldn’t help but wonder how he would treat me when we saw one another again. No doubt, after my clumsy attempt to hit on him, it would be awkward to say the least.

I hung out for another half an hour, until the spook light disappeared. I was disappointed, but I’d known it wouldn’t last forever. At least I had seen it. And I had pictures.

Jillian had to let me write this new book. Now, I could prove that the spook light existed. And, knowing it was real, I could make the book even a more entertaining read by sharing about the legends.

I climbed into the cart and headed back to the inn, my mind brimming with possibilities now that I had an entirely new outlook on the phenomenon. I couldn’t wait to revise the book.

Available July 8th! Amazon pre-order link:

Author Bio ~

Alicia Dean is a suspense and paranormal author in Edmond, Oklahoma. She wrote her first romance at age 11, and she still has the tattered, pencil-written copy. Other than reading and writing, her passions are Elvis Presley, MLB, NFL, and watching her favorite televisions shows.

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Available July 8th!


  1. Thanks for joining us today, Alicia! I can't wait for my pre-order to arrive on my Kindle!

  2. Thank you SO much for having me. The blog looks wonderful. Sorry the story will be a bit late coming to your Kindle. I hope you enjoy when you read it.

  3. Another great post about this anthology!
    Good luck and God's blessings to you both

  4. Beautiful Blog! The colors drew me in as if you designed the whole thing for Alicia.
    And Alicia, I love your answers. I laughed and totally identified. The Little Match Girl ... OMG so sad! I hadn't thought about that story in years! Great post. Congrats and best luck to you both!

    1. The blog is awesome, isn't it? Thank you, Casi. I'm glad I made you laugh, and sad. :) Yes, I know it's a little twisted, but that story always stuck with me.

    2. Thank you, Casi! I do try to match the fonts and colors with the artist's cover, or at least the feel of the book. We appreciate you taking the time to come on by today and chat with us!

  5. What a great interview! I loved The Match Stick Girl too! It's been ages since I thought of that story. Another great excerpt, too! Thanks for hosting, Mary. The blog looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I guess it's just one that stuck with me. :) So glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

    2. Thank you, Elizabeth! I'm proud of the blog because it is the one thing computer oriented I did without my kids. They think I'm an imbecile...and they're right for the most part. Thank you for popping in and taking the time to comment!

  6. Wait...did someone say coffee? Now I want some, lol. Great post! Looks like an awesome book!

    1. Ha, no kidding! Love my Keurig. :) Thanks so much!

    2. Somehow I don't think virtual coffee would have the same appeal. Thanks for joining us, Maureen and have a fabulous day!

  7. Great interview. The book sounds really intriguing.

    1. So glad you could join us, Diane, and I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I always learn something new about you, Alicia. Love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. Babies have such a terrific smell. Love to cuddle them. Best wishes with Devil's Promenade. Got my copy pre-ordered.

    1. So many great smells! Fresh baked bread, pine needles, lilac bushes...the list goes on and on! We are so blessed that God provided us with so many unique fragrances. Thanks for participating today, Diane. Have a good one!

  9. Great interview and I love the blurb. Always amazed at all you pack into your days.Good luck with your new release--it sounds intriguing!

    1. It does indeed! I'm not even much of a Gothic romance reader but this sounds great! Thanks for joining in the conversation today, Susan! Enjoy your weekend!