Monday, September 12, 2016

~ This Is One Book That Is WANTED! ~

Please welcome back the wonderful Marissa Garner with her newest release in the fabulous FBI Heat Series! Here's the romantic suspense/romantic thriller WANTED:


For San Diego’s elite FBI agents, risking their lives is standard procedure when it comes to capturing the city’s most dangerous criminals—but falling in love is the greatest risk of all.

Kat MacKenzie knows something is terribly wrong at the Diablo Beach Nuclear Power Plant, but she can’t figure out if it’s computer error, equipment malfunction, or human sabotage. Unfortunately, the only person she can trust with the problem is the man she left at the altar two years ago. If Dillon doesn’t already hate her, he surely will once he discovers why she abandoned him.

The last person he expects to call him is the woman who broke his heart. But FBI Special Agent Dillon O’Malley can’t ignore Kat’s plea for help—not when national security may be at stake. As enemies become clear and catastrophe threatens, can Kat and Dillon put the past behind them to save the day and secure their future?


Dillon ordered a large, meat-lovers pizza for delivery to his apartment before he left the office. Just as he disconnected, another call came in from the annoying anonymous number. He ignored it and headed straight home. Monday Night Football awaited him instead of another workout. Vegging in front of the TV for a few hours tonight seemed like a good idea so his mind could wrestle with the major career decision he needed to make.

The pizza delivery guy arrived shortly after he did. Within minutes, Dillon leaned back in the leather recliner with a plateful of meaty pizza and a longneck Corona, complete with a sliver of lime.

His iPhone rang again from where it lay on the end table. Irritation bubbled to the surface at the sight of the same number. He shook his head. The damn telemarketer should get a raise for perseverance alone. But enough was enough. He grabbed the phone.

“Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying. Quit calling me.”

As he pulled the phone away from his ear, ready to slam it on the table, he heard a woman’s faint voice. “Dillon?”

Who knew two syllables could pack such a punch? But they did and knocked the wind right out of him.

“Dillon?” came the barely audible voice again. “Are you there?”

Although the words were a whisper, he identified the caller instantly. Slowly, he placed the phone back against his ear and said the only word his paralyzed brain could produce. “Yeah.”

She didn’t answer for several seconds, and before she did, he heard her gulp. Twice.

“It’s me. Kat. Katriona MacKenzie.”

What the hell? How many Kats did she think he knew? There had been and always would be only one Kat in his life.

When he didn’t respond, she spoke louder. “Dillon? Can you hear me?”

“Yeah,” he managed again around a boulder in his throat. Lame, lame, lame. After two years and what she’d done to him, he should have more to say to her. A lot more.

“Am I…interrupting…anything?” she asked hesitantly.

God, he wished he could say something like Yeah, I’m in the middle of screwing my wife’s brains out or I’m on the other line with the President or I’m busy saving the world. But he was just watching football. Alone. So what could he say? “No,” he muttered, the tightness in his chest threatening to choke off his single-syllable words entirely.

“Uh…how are you?”

Thank God, her words sounded strangled also.

“Um, I’m great. Awesome, in fact. Never been better.” He cringed and closed his eyes. Shit, that was over the top.

“Good. I…I’m really glad.”

“You?” Damn, back to single syllables. And he still couldn’t breathe right.


Then she stalled. He sensed Kat was losing her courage, but he’d be damned if he would make it easier for her.

She sighed heavily. “This was a mistake. Sorry to bother you, Dillon. Bye-o.”

And just like that, she was gone. But not without a last dagger to his heart by using their special good-bye.







Marissa Garner is a wife, writer, chocoholic, and animal lover, not necessarily in that order. As a little girl, she cut pictures of people out of her mother’s magazines and turned them into characters in her simple stories. Now she writes edgy romantic thrillers, steamy contemporary romance, and sexy paranormal romantic suspense. Her stories will titillate your mind as well as your libido. She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, but enjoys traveling from Athens to Anchorage to Acapulco and many locations in between.

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  1. Welcome back, Marissa, with the latest in your hot FBI Heat Series! I've loved all the premises behind these stories and can't wait to read them!

  2. Thanks, MJ, for having me here today and for the compliment about the premises. I really enjoy challenging my characters with unusual situations like nuclear power plant sabotage and computer hacking. My editor would tell you that I'm non-traditional, but thank goodness she's patient with me. LOL

  3. Excerpt is certainly a good teaser! Best of luck with what looks like a good book.

    1. Thanks! A good teaser is a good start.

    2. Yes. Diane does an excellent job of really putting her reader into the moment. You feel for both characters in this excerpt!

  4. Fantastic excerpt, Marissa! I've read the first book (HUNTED) and loved it! I was heading for TARGETED next, but this makes me want to jump over and go right to WANTED. Decisions...decisions... :-)

    1. Choosing what book should come next is often a dilemna, but a good one, I suppose. Thanks for visiting, Leah!

    2. I hope you'll enjoy whichever one you choose, Leah. They're all stand alones, so you can't go wrong. But I'm thrilled you want more...regardless of what you decide.

  5. What a great excerpt! I love romantic suspense. Good luck to you!

    1. Yes. So much at stake and it really makes you want to find out the ending of it all! I appreciate you stopping in, Kara!

    2. Thanks, Kara! I love romantic suspense too. :)

  6. I love reading about this book. Now I have to read the book itself. Best wishes, Marissa.

    1. Thanks, Diane! I don't read a lot of scifi, but your new release, MISSION TO NEW EARTH, sounds so great, I've put it on my must-read list! Best of luck with it!

  7. Diane I appreciate you taking time out of your own very packed release schedule to visit with us!

  8. Thanks, MJ, for hosting me and for all your lovely visitors. You have an awesome blog!

    1. Why, thank you! It is made awesome by visitors like you! Come back any time!